Wrap Style Abaya Pre-Order


Get in trend with our stunning closed wrap abayas!

A closed abaya with flared arms and a large belt stitched at the waist for you to wrap around you in any design and style you want giving an overall tailored classy finish!

We have provided images of how the abaya looks untied so you can see how it looks initially. You simply put the abaya on, and then start tying around your waist in any style you want.

We have also provided two examples of ties you can style the belt as!

Comes in three stunning colours: Wine Maroon, Nude and Black.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for this item to be dispatched after ordering!


  • Maroon Size 50
  • Maroon Size 52
  • Maroon Size 54
  • Maroon Size 56
  • Maroon Size 58
  • Maroon Size 60
  • Nude Size 50
  • Nude Size 52
  • Nude Size 54
  • Nude Size 56
  • Nude Size 58
  • Nude Size 60
  • Black Size 50
  • Black Size 52
  • Black Size 54
  • Black Size 56
  • Black Size 58
  • Black Size 60